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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

New player login problems

Q: I registered so why can't I login?

A: When you initially registered we sent an activation email to you. You had to click on the link in that email to complete the registration process and be able to access the Score Five game. If you gave us an incorrect email address you won't have been able to activate your account. Also if our activation email is sitting in your inbox unactivated you won't be able to login either. So check your inbox (and any spam filter mailbox) and see if it's there and, if so, activate it now. If it's not there, or you still have problems contact us through the "help" function, giving us your username and email address and we'll follow up.

Q: Score Five activated my account for me, do I have to do anything else?

A: Yes. We noted that some of you in certain countries and with certain email addresses, had not activated their accounts after a while. So we took the decision to activate your account and sent you an email telling you this. You now need to visit your profile page and check that you have the correct email address registered. Without the correct address we can't communicate with you, so you can't win any prizes!  We also strongly recommend that you add the Score Five email address in the email that we sent you, to your address book and any anti spam software you may run so that our emails are recognised and passed onto you without delay.

Q: I've missed a week of predictions - now what?

A: You'll benefit from our "Five Lives" feature which is there to help players who miss the odd round or who join us after the season kicked off. Click on the Five LIves tab and see how it will help you.


About the game - general

Q: Is Score Five a "fantasy" type of competition?

A: No, Score Five is a web-based football match prediction league game. You are asked to use your skill and knowledge to predict the outcomes and scores of various football matches. Points are awarded solely on the basis of the actual match outcomes. No contrived formations; No budgets; No maximum number of club players, etc. Just 100% genuine reality!


Q: Who am I competing against and what's the admin hassle?

A: The Score Five games allow your opinions to be put to the acid test of comparison with others. Last year we had players from over 50 countries!!!

You can play in one of our "Public" Leagues against other public members.

You can also compete against friends, colleagues and associates in your own community league.

Whatever league[s] you may be in, you also automatically compete against the rest of the world and, where allowed, play in our prize competitions.

Our system automatically does all the tallying of points for you;  gives you a personal league and global position; automatically generates the email     reminders you want and runs itself, leaving you free to concentrate on your predictions and win the 'bragging rights' and prizes that go with being a Score Five champion.


Q: How is Score Five different from other predictive games?

A: We offer a game system that takes into account your ability not only to predict match results (win, lose, draw), but also the goal scoring ability of each team. We also use a game system that is based 100% on real match results. There is no "fantasy" about our system. What happens on the pitch is reflected in our game scores.

Our system gives you real time "ask the audience" type feedback on what other players are predictiiong and "phone a friend" what our expert thinks type feedback right on the screen that you use to enter your predictions!

We also offer a community league facility. This means that each league can be highly personalised and more fun to play in as you meet and share your football stories and experiences in your clubs, pubs, offices etc.

Finally, we aim to provide a multi language facility to enhance your enjoyment!


Q: What does it cost to play Score Five?

A: It's free!! We do not charge either individual players, or community leagues to play in any of our games.


Q: How do I join up to play Score Five?

A: First you must register with Score Five. This involves reading and accepting the terms & conditions and then signing up by providing certain player registration information. To do this you will need a valid email address to which we will send a confirmation that you must click on and you will need to choose a username and password.

You can then join an existing league (that a friend may have told you about) or you can set up your own league for you and your friends. Or you can simply join our public leagues. The choice is yours.


Q: How do I join a communities league?

A: If you are joining an existing league, ask that league's manager for the league passcode - you will need this in the registration process to ensure you are assigned to the correct league. If you are setting up a new league, you will be taken through the process step by step, from choosing a league name all the way through to choosing a league passcode that you can pass on to your friends. By setting up the league you automatically become the manager for that league, allowing you control over it.


Q: Are there prizes for the winners?

A: Yes there are a number of official Score Five prizes. Details of these are published on the various Game pages. You are only eligible to win these prizes if permitted by the laws of the jurisdiction where you live. Otherwise you can only play Score Five for amusement and bragging rights.

Prizes may also be organised by individual community league managers if they so wish, but they must ensure that their local laws and regulations permit such where they reside or operate in. Score Five does not accept any responsibility whatsoever for community league prizes.


About playing the game itself

Q: How easy is Score Five to use?

A: We built this website with ease of use and simplicity in mind. Once you are registered as a player you can set  and change your email notification preferences e.g., whether to receive email reminders when the next round of fixtures is placed on the system.

Once you login, you simply click 'Enter Predictions' and input your forecast for the coming week's fixtures and click save. You must always save your predictions or they won't be valid. Points scoring is automated and after each result is entered into the system, your updated standing is displayed in your league table along with your global position. We have rollover pop-ups in many locations to help guide you around the web pages. How to play 


Q: How do I score points in the Score Five games?

A: Players get 2 points for forecasting the correct individual match result - win, lose, draw. They also receive 1 extra point for correctly forecasting the number of goals scored by each team in each match. A final bonus point is also awarded if you correctly forecast the goals scored by both teams in a match. So all in all there is a maximum of (2+1+1+1) 5 points that can be won by a player in any single match.

Note: Own goals count as goals scored by the team benefiting from them; and the scoreline after regular time plus injury and time added is what counts. Extra time and penalty shootouts are excluded.

You also can score, end round, a 5 point bonus for correctly predicting one of you match results (Home, Away, Draw) as a banker.


Q: How are winners determined?

A: The total number of points scored by a player determines individual winners. In the event that two or more players are tied for the total number of points we use our tie breakers.


Community Leagues

Q: I'd like to set up a local community league, how many players do I need

A: If you want to set up a community league we strongly recommend you have at least 10 players. Our experience tells us that this is the critical mass needed to get a real league feel and esprit de corps. Also the bragging rights are stronger!! There is no maximum size to our community league, so it's up to you whether to have one or several leagues. So, for example, if you have 28 players you could have two leagues of 14 players or one big one of 28. It's your choice.

We also run public league that keeps a track of all individuals predicting any given game - English Premier League, FA Cup, etc. You automatically get entered in this  Public league when you register. Whatever league you are in we let you know how you are doing compared to all the other players around the world on our site!!


Q: As a community league manager, can I run my own independent competition?

A: Absolutely! Although you must check on and comply with your local laws and restrictions on running such. Your Score Five community league table will show you your player standings based on the Score Five scoring system. If you want to adjust the Score Five scoring system, say offer more bonus points etc, you will have to keep your own independent records.


Future Score Five developments

Q: What other competitions will you be running?

A: Currently Score Five focuses on football matches and Aussie Rules ( However, we are considering other sports such as American football, ice hockey etc., and will publish details of such in the future.


Q: Can Score Five be accessed other ways than via the Internet?

A: Yes you can play on your mobile phone using our free Android app. Simply visit the Android Market, install the app, and then play away!


Q: What other languages will Score Five be available in apart from English?

A: Currently our main pages are in English and traditional and simplified Chinese languages.

Community league managers can post their messages on their league websites in whatever language they choose.



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